Facilities & Equipment

Our 25,000 sq ft facility located in New Freedom, PA has a full breadth of manufacturing capabilities to fit all your production needs.

Manufacturing area

Dynamic Waterjets

Dynamic Waterjets produce faster and more accurate parts with no heat affected zones, eliminating taper and stream lag. This allows producing parts with a higher cut quality and eliminating secondary processing, which saves valuable time and money.

CNC Mills

The Vertical CNC Mill moves the main spindle along the z-axis providing extra freedom and capabilities. They significantly improve milling precision and accuracy without affecting milling speed. The additional 2 axes on the Bridgeport CNC Mill allow us to achieve extremely complicated geometries.


Our Conventional Lathes and CNC Lathes provide a wide range of turning solutions including the production of parts.

CNC Press Brake

Primeline’s CNC Press Brake bends and shapes metal while keeping deflection at the lowest possible level. While fabricating, the Servo valves and linear scales keep specifications within +/- 0.0004″ for accurate repeatability. The swiveling CNC Controller allows the operator to precisely adjust the position of the ram and gauge axes.


The ability to review customer supplied material through Solid Edge drafting. All CNC machines are programmed using Smart CAM, Master CAM, and Esprit.

Composite Department

Our composite department is capable of fabricating both complex and simple FRPs (Fiber Reinforced Products) from a large selection of composite materials. We are equipped with an autoclave and oven for curing pre-preg and resin materials.


Assembly Area

In addition to machining and fabricating parts, we can assemble parts with MIG or TIG welding.


Inspection Area

Our goal is to provide accurate and precise products that match the exact specifications.

  • The 5-axis automated CMM ensures accuracy per dimensions supplied in 5 degree increments, 360 degrees.
  • The Digital Height Gage measures height, diameter and centerline measurements.
  • The Romer is a portable probing arm with infinite rotation of the principle 7 axes allowing us to inspect difficult-to-reach areas. The Romer is associated with Verisurf Software Direct Model.